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Prostate Massages are not only one of the most intense forms of pleasure a man could experience, but they are also relatively difficult to come by. Not many escorts offer such a service which is why we could not express our excitement to offer a gallery of girls who always offer such a service. For those who are unaware of this sexual gem, a Prostate Massage involves your back entrance and two lubricated fingers of an escort. If you don't know, the male G-Spot is in there and through a lot of experience, our girls know exactly where to put their pressure for you to feel immense pleasure and make you feel the best possible - literally. 

Hottest Service From The Hottest Girls 

Okay, so the male G-spot is in the ass. Why should you care? Well, first of all, because you know how great a woman feels when their G-spot is stimulated. It is the same situation for a man but that is not all! Imagine how great it would feel to have such a sensitive spot tickled by an immensely hot escort. Paradise Models are proud to represent a collection of girls so beautiful, you'd think we grabbed them straight out of heaven on their way down. Whether you're a sucker for busty blondes, curvy brunettes or petite redheads or any combination of these types, Paradise Models has you covered for sure! 

The Importance Of Prostate Massages 

It is quite common among men to simply get bored of normal missionary sex, especially when it is done often. This is very normal, missionary sex simply is rather bland and doesn't quite hit the spot for both parties but men feel this a bit more than women. That is why maybe it is time to try something new! Most older men will agree that a Prostate Massage or anything similar brings such an unprecedented level of pleasure to the male body that at first it may even be slightly overwhelming - in a good way, of course. Trying new things in the bedroom is very important - after all, a bland sex life is no sex life. 

How To Book A Stunning Prostate Massage Escort? 

We understand that a Prostate Massage comes with a certain level of stigma and is still quite a niche. We aim to change this by offering a constant selection of always available models who are not only offering a prostate massage but are experts in making you have full body orgasms from this elite service. Gone are the days of searching for the right escort for weeks on end, simply browse our gallery of always available models and once you have picked a girl who you quite like, simply call us on +447310680797 or you can contact us through our Whats App