The best of both worlds 

Let's be honest, most men have fantasised of a threesome. That is no news for anyone, but the true interesting thing is whether that threesome is an FFM or an MMF. Well, lucky for you, these girls offer either services. A true bi-sexual service where you can create an encounter exactly as it is in your fantasies. Our girls have certain other girls they like to DUO with however they are also open to couples bookings whether you're an MM, FF or MF couple. This allows for ultimate customisation of your experience regardless if you're coming with your partner or wish to see two girls from this gallery! 

Prepare for trouble - and make it double! 

You already know the quality and high value that comes with Paradise Models, now imagine, two stunning hot babes servicing you at the same time. The pleasure you would feel from that experience alone is simply otherwordly, I can tell you that much. But that is not the end of the enticing opportunities a truly Bi-Sexual DUO has to offer for you! Have you ever considered taking your best friend for a session with your favourite model from Paradise Models? Perhaps taking your girlfriend for a date with your favourite escort? The list of new and exciting encounters that could brew from a date like this is endless, whether you're a fan of an interesting threesome roleplay session or wish to experience a Double Girlfriend Experience and be absolutely spoiled for choice in the service you receive, we can all agree that Bi Duos are simply the way to go. 

Paradise Models do it best 

Now that we have sold you on the idea of of a truly bi-sexual duo from two of the hottest girls on the planet, we should really tell you more about the girls that we have on offer for you to enjoy to your heart's fulfillment! From fiery redheads to curvy blondes and busty brunettes, we simply have anything you could think of! Whether you enjoy the presence of an Indian hottie or a Russian bombshell, we have a wide range of nationalities that come in all shapes and sizes with all sorts of body types to match. What we're trying to say is that when you book with Paradise Models, there is simply an abundance of choice for you to pick and choose from!  

How to book a pair of exciting and stunning escorts from Paradise Models? 

Back in the older days, it used to be quite difficult to find a pair of escorts that are not only truly bi-sexual but a pair of escorts who are also friends and genuinely enjoy playing together! Then once you did manage to find a pair of models of such requirements, then came the ridiculous pricing of this service. Thankfully those days are over. At Paradise Models, you can now, with a few clicks and within a few moments, you could be browsing an extensive gallery of bi-sexual babes who love playing with each-other for an affordable price! To book a model from our gallery, simply pick one or two models you like and contact us through our telephone number on +447310680797 or contact our Whats App!